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Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.

Detailed training programs for your triathlon goals.

Programs available for purchase

226km Program - First 12 weeks

Getting ready for an Irondistance race ?  This twelve week program establishes the essential base level of fitness you will need before starting your 15 week race specific program. Ideal for first-timers to age-group podium chasers. Join the Ferro Tribe and have your best season ever.


226km Program - All 27 weeks

Your entire 27 week / 189 day program is here. Irondistance specific SBR sessions for first timers or elite age groupers. Carefully periodised and specific to your level of ability - through regular threshold testing - this program has had 5 years of successful implementation including on the famous lava fields of Kona. Are you ready to join the Ferro Tribe ?


51.5km Program - 15 week program


113km Program - First 12 weeks


42.2km Marathon Program - 13 weeks

WE are about everything swim, bike and run. Got a marathon coming up ? Try our little 13 week tune up to get your happy feet going.


226km Program - 15 week program

Train hard, race all day, brag for life. This is our Irondistance specific 15 week program. If you have followed our 12 week program or have already laid a solid base level of SBR training then you are ready. Where is your journey ? NZ, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Kona ? The Ferro Tribe will be with you every stroke, pedal and stride of the way.


113km Program - 15 week program


113km Program - All 27 weeks


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